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Putting her back in the water!!!!

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Hey folks-
It seems like more and more fish are showing up everyday. The amount of fish we saw today was absolutely incredible. Definitely it what you would expect this time of year. Unfortunately, the fish did not want to bite what we had to offer. We would literally be sitting in the middle of an acre of breaking fish and have one going. We did manage to scrape up 10 fish, all nice quality. We are going to give it tomorrow morning and if they don’t want it most likely move into the beach and give it our last effort there. Wish us luck.

-Shogun Crew



Hey folks-

We struck out on the bait last night due to the full moon. After daylight we started seeing some really nice schools of tuna off the edge. They boiled on nearly every chum bait but it was very hard to get a bite. After trying those schools for awhile with not much luck we threw the anchor down a few times and scraped up a few more tuna and some yellowtail. There is plenty of fish around we just need it to bite a little. Wish us luck, hopefully they want to bite tomorrow.

-Shogun Crew



6 day to the Island 1/9/17 & Great sign, good start 1/10/17

Hey folks-

I hope everyone had a happy and safe New Years. After a week in a few days of boat work we are headed back out in our last trip of this season before we do our haul out. After leaving the dock we topped off on a beautiful load of small sardines at the receiver and headed down to Ensenada to clear customs. On the way we did a seminar in the galley on how to rig ourselves for the days ahead. Customs went

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Hey Folks, We had about 16 YFT and a dozen or so Yellows yesterday and this morning another 10 tuna and 15 YT. We are now headed home from the Island and our ETA for arrival back in SD tomorrow should be between 2 – 4 pm!!! We hope everyone has a fun and safe NYE and we will check back in 2017.
-Shogun Crew


Hey folks- we had a successful day here at the island. We were able to capture 70 mixed yellowfin and yellowtail. Tuna ranged from 65-120+and the yellows 30 to low 40’s. We pulled the anchor in the dark and started looking around. Just as it started cracking gray light we heard a few pops and clatter on the sonar. We threw a quick chum line and plopped the anchor down. 0615 we hooked our first tuna and kept something on the end of a line until 30 minutes into the dark. We had a couple lulls in the tuna bite but fortunately the yellowtail filled the voids. We have some tired, happy passengers this evening. We are going to try for some bait tonight and we are looking forward to what tomorrow is going to bring! Wish us luck and some more steady action on these quality fish.
Shogun Crew


Hey.folks- we departed yesterday on our x-mas 5 day. We scooped up some good looking sardines and headed south to Ensenada to check in. Everything went smoothly including our ride across. Very little swell and even less wind made for a very pleasant ride.
We got a good jump yesterday morning and made it to the south end of the island by 11 am. We found fish in the same spots we left them last trip. We managed to get them show themselves and boil around but you had to work at it to get a bite. We tried a couple anchor jobs and drifting them up but neither way got them to bite the hook baits any better. We did put some fish in the well but we are hoping for some more consent action tomorrow. Plenty of sign today if they decide to bite. We are anxious for a full day of fishing tomorrow. So wish us luck and a bunch of biting tuna!
Shogun Crew


Some pics from our trip that got in this morning

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Hey folks- we had another good day on these excellent grade yellowfin tuna. We had 33 of them hit the deck, 20+ of which were over 100# and most all of them over 80. We had 3 fish tape out over 120.
We pulled the anchor in the dark and set up in the same spot as yesterday. Today was slightly more erratic with the bites. We didn’t continuously have one going but when they swam through we would hook 2-5 at a time. The bite seemed to back off around 0130. We stuck it out for another for 45 minutes but with no action we decided to pull it to look around. It took about an hour to find some black porpoise but they had a good school with them. We brailled several scoops on them and the water erupted with 100 pound tuna around the boat. We hung 6 or 7 right away and proceeded to hook another one here and there for the next couple hours. We landed 14 out of the drift, 10 of them exceeding 100. A great way to end a good trip. We headed back Ensenada to check out tomorrow evening and we will be back dockside Friday morning.
Shogun Crew


Hey folks- checking in from the island with a good day on the yellowfin. We pulled the anchor in the dark to get repositioned. Around 0630 we hook our first tuna and we were able to keep at least 1 going until 1430. Several times we had 3-5 fish going. Late afternoon/ evening slowed down but we’re able to pick up a few more. We ended the day with 34 tuna. Half of which were taped out or eye balled around a 100# or better. The biggest of the day taped 120. Tomorrow is our last day here and we are hoping for some more of the same. Wish us luck,
Shogun Crew


Hey folks- the yellowtail definitely stole the show today. We ended up tagging 78 between 20-40#. Majority of them around the 30# mark.
We seen a fair amount of tuna again today but for whatever reason still do not want to cooperate. We tried drifting on several decent sonar dabs only hooking a handful. We anchored up on another for a couple more. Around midday we seen a ball of yellows and they wanted to play tug a war. We had steady action for most of the rest of the day. Once the yellows started to bite most everyone switched over to dropper loops and yoyo jigs but the few people that stuck with the fly lined baits were rewarded with some tuna bites. We had 1or 2 tuna at 75# and the rest were just under or exceeded the 100# mark. We are going to give it a go again tomorrow and are hoping for some more good action. Wish us luck.
Shogun Crew


Hey folks- we departed yesterday on a 6 day to Guadalupe island. We loaded up on some beautiful sardines, a little bigger than what i have been getting as of late. We checked in and out of Ensenada in short order and started making the crossing. Other than a little residual swell from the previous wind we have had very nice weather.
We didn’t see much sign until we got down to the south end. Where we found a decent scattered out sonar deal. They reacted very well to the chum baits putting on quite the show, jumping and splashing around. We hooked a handful right away however they didn’t make it in the boat. We were able to hook a couple more and tag 1 around 65# before losing sign of them. We tried a couple more, unfortunately we didn’t get any response from them. We did scrap up half a dozen yellowtail before the sun went down. We anchored up to make some bait and try for some yellowtail tonight. We are excited to give it a try tomorrow, so wish us luck and some biting fish.
Shogun Crew


Those nice Island Yellows!!

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6 Day On the Shogun

Quick Update:
Good action on he YT this morning, 30-45# fish. And we have managed to stay engaged in battle with a tuna or 2 most of the day!!

Hey folks- checking in from our third day at the island. We pulled anchor at 0630 to start looking around. Almost right away we seen a bird school with breaking fish. We hooked a couple tuna on the initial slide. Although they boiled up a bit it never developed into a frenzied bite. We did however manage to keep a tuna on line until just after lunch. During our drift we had a shot at some quality yellows. We ended up capturing 35 30-45 pounders. Although we found some more tuna after the all morning drift. We didn’t get anymore bites. So opted to spend the last hour of daylight trying for yellowtail. We tagged another 14 before calling it a day. Tomorrow is our last day here and we are hoping it brings some eager tuna. Wish us luck
Shogun Crew


6 Day On the Shogun

Hey folks- checking in from day 2 at Guadalupe island. We pulled the anchor at 0630 this morning. Around 0700 we found an area of decent scattered out fish on the sonar. It look 15 min or so to hook our first but more bites soon followed. We drifted along a bit more than a hour landing 7 of the 12 fish hooked. At roughly 0900 we located another area with scattered fish, this time in the shallows, so we put the anchor down. From 0930 until 1645 we kept at last 1 going, with a few times 3 or 4 engaged in battle. The grade of fish remains excellent, with fish going 75-115# today. We will be getting back to it bright and early. So wish us luck and we’ll checkback in tomorrow.



6 Day On the Shogun

“Day 2 we arrived Guadalupe Island around 1230. Weather has been cooperative so far. Fish could be seen on the sonar but didn’t want to bite. We still managed to land gorgeous Yellowtail and yellowfin tuna. The size and grade were remarkable.”

We will check in soon ūüôā



6 Day On the Shogun

. We have a passenger on board who has offered to do a little reporting for us and send in some photos. Thank you Rosalie!!!

“Day 1 Saturday 12/10 we left the harbor shortly after 7am. We had a great bunch of anglers some of whom had never been to Guadalupe others who hadn’t been there since it closed and a handful who had been there recently or last year. After loading up on decent bait and checking in at Ensenada Captain Russ gave a seminar on safety, rigging for Guadalupe and how to catch a fish of a lifetime.
Anglers spent the day relaxing and preparing their gear.
Chef Kenny spoiled us with a Rack of lamb dinner and a salad with tender pieces of filet mignon.
ETA to Guadalupe is Sunday early afternoon”


Congrats to our Jackpot winners. 1st place 135# YFT, 2nd place 128# YFT and 3rd place 116# YFT. Those weights are gilled and gutted. Good job guys, another successful trip aboard the Shogun down at Guadalupe Island. Next trip heads out tomorrow morning at 0700. Wish us luck and biting fish.
-Shogun Crew

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Hey folks-
We made a couple tanks of mackerel last night and hung tight on the anchor till 0700 with only a few yellowtail on the board. After looking g around for over half an hour with no sign we took a sweep out in deeper water and it paid off. The fish were well off the island and off the edge and they were in big schools. It was almost like fishing bft offshore. They would boil up real good in the beginning, get a flash on the slide then pick at them on a long drift. These were nicer fish as well with over half going over 100# with fish up to 145#. The island looks like it is coming around with lots of fish around. Make sure of you are on upcoming trips you have both 60 & 80# Flurocarbon and 3/0-7/0 circle hooks for the varied sized baits we are using. We will be in on Friday at 0500 and leave again the following morning on another 6 day to the island.

-Shogun Crew


Hey folks-
We anchored in the same spot as yesterday but instead of the tuna showing up the yellowtail did. One lone tuna at 125# did hit the deck but the yellows stole the show. We had fifty 30-45# yellows by lunch. We spent the rest of the day looking g for the tuna but saw no sign. Hopefully tomorrow is a different day and the tuna decide to show. Wish us luck.

-Shogun crew


Hey folks-
We made a tank of bait last night and pulled the anchor in the dark to get repositioned. At 0630 we hooked our first fish and kept either a yellowtail or tuna hooked all day. We never had more than three going, but with these big fish we’ll take it. We are going to try and make some more bait tonight and see what tomorrow brings.

Also, we have 1 opening on this Saturday’s 6-day heading back down to the island. Call the office to bool, this last spot will fill fast.

Wish us luck.

-Shogun crew


Evening shot

Hey folks-

About 1239 we rolled into the island. Weather is a little breezy but not bad. For the first few hours we saw very little sign of tuna. About 1600 the birds started to flair up and there was good fish under them. We got the anchor down and had a nice evening shot on beautiful 65-95# yft. Hopefully these fish are eager in the morning. Wish us luck.

-Shogun crew


6 day open
Hey folks-

We are back and running after a week of repairs. Boat is running great and we are off to the island again. After scooping a beautiful load of sardines from the receivers we headed to Ensenada to clear customs . On the way we did a seminar and started rigging ourselves up. We should be at the island about 1200 tomorrow. Wish us luck and nice weather.


Hey folks-

The tuna showed right back up in the same area this morning and wanted to bite. We kept fish going all morning and into the afternoon. The size of the fish is amazing. We got spooled three times so can’t stress enough to have a reel full of spectra on upcoming trips and no small reels. At the very least a torque 40/Talica 16/accurate 600 size reel full of 80 or 100# braid. We had a little slowing in the action after lunch then it picked back up and we ended strong. From everyone here at Shogun Sportfishing have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. We will be leaving 11/25 on another 6 day down to the island. We will check in later.



Hey folks-

The big tuna were eager again today. They started biting about 0700. We had flurries throughout the day where we were busy. Lots of people got there personal bests. We had a handful of fish in the 105-125# range and lots right there around 100#. Make sure if you are on upcoming trips you have both 60 and 80# Flurocarbon. Tomorrow is our last day of fishing and we hope it was as good as today. Wish us luck!



Hey folks-

We caught a few yellowtail this morning first thing and the tuna showed up shortly after. We kept fish on the line almost all day. The fish are incredible grade with quite a few over 100#. Things look like they are picking up here with more and more fish moving in all the time. Wish us luck tomorrow.



Hey folks-

We got to the island about 1430 and saw lots of fish on top right away. It took awhile for it to start reacting to our bait but it eventually started biting. We kept 2-6 going till the sun went down. Very impressive sign of fish here. We are Looking forward to what tomorrow has to offer. Wish us luck.



Hey folks-

We departed on another 6 day to The Lupe today. We topped off on sardines and headed down to clear customs in Ensenada. On the way we did a seminar and started rigging up for the fishing ahead. We should be at the island around 1400 tomorrow. We will check in later hopefully with a good report. Wish us luck.



Shogun Sportfishing's photo.


Hey folks-

We made a tank of bait last night and come daylight repositioned the boat. We hooked our first tuna short after that and were able to keep something going the rat of the day. The yellowtail bit as well throughout the day. The tuna were 50-100# and the yellows 25-45 with most around 35#. A great way to end the trip. Thanks again to Al Meyers and Howard Hada for putting on another great Rice Bowl Charter. We will be in on Thursday morning at0500 and will be turning around in another 6 day to the island. We will check back in Thursday.

-Shogun Crew



Nice day

Hey folks-

The tuna started biting again right at daylight today. Luckily we had very clean fishing and landed almost everything we hooked. The morning bite died about 1100 and we went and tried for some yellows. They bit good but these fish were beasts. Even using 100# line we were lucky to get 1 out of 4 off the bottom. The guys had a great time pulling on these 25-50# yellowtail. About 1400 we pulled it and looked for tuna. The first school did. It react but the second one came right to the boy and we got a nice shot right at dark. Tomorrow is our last and final day of fishing. Wish us luck and lots of biting fish.

-Shogun Crew


Hey folks-

The tuna started biting right after daylight. We kept 1-4 going in a long drift till about 1030. We caught a few fish over 100# up to 131. After that drift we never saw a tuna the rest of the day. We scraped up some nice yellows though and made another tank of bait. Hopefully tomorrow they want to play all day. Wish us luck and more beautiful weather.


Hey folks-

We arrived about 1400 and started looking around. We did not see much for the first couple hours. This has been the usual schedule for the fish lately, not showing up till the evening. About 1600 we saw a very impressive school and go the anchor down. We had a nice flurry on beautiful grade fish till dark. We are going to try and make some bait tonight and try again tomorrow. Wish us luck.


Hey folks-

We left today on another Rice Bowl Charter. This time we are headed back down to the Island to try for big tuna and yellowtail. We topped off on a beautiful load of sardines. On the way to clear customs in Ensenada we did a seminar and handed out a bunch of goodies. We should be fishing about 1400 tomorrow. Weather is beautiful and the steaks tonight prepared by Chefs Chris and Kenny were amazing. Wish us luck on our first day of fishing tomorrow.



Hey folks-Seeker 6 Day wrap up 11/10

Although fishing was a little on the tough side this trip for tuna, we did still have many personal bests and great action on yellowtail. Thanks again to Seeker Rods and Eric for bringing out all the goods and the loaner gear. The new Seeker rods 7650 and 7660 are the two rods to have for this island! Awesome for fishing 60-80 on the big bluefin as well. Seeker is constantly coming up with new designs. Check them out before your next rod purchase. We are leaving Friday on another Rice Bowl Charter back to Guadalupe Island. We will check in later.

-Shogun Crew


Hey folks-

These tuna right now sure aren’t early birds. We didn’t see a tuna till about 1000. Around 1100 we found a nice spread out school and kicked the anchor over. It took a while to develop but we started keeping something on the line after about an hour. The bite picked up momentum the later it got, sometimes having up to 7 going. A lot of these fish were over 100# and the guys using 80# fluro definitely faired better than the guys using lighter line. The tax man took his share but we ended up with a little catch and some good action to end the trip. We are headed back up to Ensenada and will be into Fishermans landing @ 0530 on Friday.


Good yellowtail fishing
Hey folks-

Since we haven’t been seeing much in the way tuna till the afternoon we decided to try our luck at some yellowtail this morning. The first couple anchor jobs resulted in only a handful. We made a little move and found a ridge with a nice amount of fish. The tide started off slow but picked up momentum and we were busy for a few hours on 25-45 pound mossbacks. The current died about 1400 so we went in search of some tuna and got a little shot of nice fish before dark. Tomorrow we are going to try for tuna all day whether they cooperate or not. Wish us luck!


Congrats Steve Tamura!! Here is the Jackpot winning fish from the Island Fishing Tackle 7-day Charter!!

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The Shogun has 3 open spots on next week’s 6-day trip headed to Guadalupe Island!!! Valid passport is required!! Call our office or book online today!!!

-Shogun Crew


Good Afternoon Everyone-

We have had a few cancellations on some upcoming trips this month. Check out the website for the dates and availability and make your reservations ASAP. These are trips of a lifetime heading to Guadalupe Island. Valif passport and 50% deposit required.


A few pics from our 6 day Let’s Talk Hook Up sponsored trip¬†ūüôā

Shogun Sportfishing's photo.


Happy Halloween

Hey folks, hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. We enjoyed ours pulling on some solid tuna today. Bait making went well, we topped off a tank in short order just before daylight. After the group fueled up on breakfast we began looking around. We started our search close to where we ended the day yesterday. Even though we didn’t see a whole lot, it just felt right, so we kicked it over to give it try. It didn’t take long to hook the first fish and¬†it slowly began to build around us. After a few hours we captured 17 yellowfin 50-75# and 1 yellowtail. We could still see fish around us on the machines but the boils backed off and they quit biting.

About a mile down the island we found a really good area of bigger fish. We managed to keep 1-3 going for most of the rest of the day. Majority of tuna at this spot weighed 80-100#with the biggest at 115. Suffering a some bad luck with pulled hooks other typical casualties with bigger tuna, we tagged another 21 yellowfin and 1 wahoo.

We are going to anchor up for some more bait making tonight and hopefully some yellowtail action. So wish us luck and we will check back in tomorrow.

-Shogun Crew


Hey folks, we departed yesterday on our Island Fishing Tackle 7 day, with charter master Kevin Agguire. We topped the boat of with some beautiful 5-6″sardines from the bait receiver. Check in went very smoothly in Ensenada and we enjoyed our flat calm, sunny weather during the crossing. After our safety and fishing seminar Kevin had a raffle/ giveaway with some great prizes such as t-shirts, hooks, line, lures, all sorts of fishing accessories, blanks and even a rod and reel¬†combo. Robert Tankersley was the lucky winner of the 2 speed Penn fathom and Calstar combo.

We arrived to the island today at 1430, where we were greeted with overcast, drizzly skies. After 30 minutes of looking we found a good area of fish to anchor up on. The tuna did boil and bit the hook baits but in a very lethargic manner, i feel mainly because we only had a trickle of current, however we managed to keep at least 1 going and we had a flash right at dark for 5 or 6. We tagged 14 tuna 60-85# for our efforts. We are going to give it another go tomorrow so wish us luck.

-Shogun Crew


Last Day of Fishing!!

Hey folks, checking in on our last day of fishing with the Let’s Talk Hook Up 6 day. This morning was a little slower but the quality made up for it. We captured 18 tuna with 14 of them exceeding the 100 pound mark and the biggest going 135. Around lunch the current slacked off so we decided to try our hand at some yellowtail action. We did find the targeted species but for whatever reason they had lockjaw. We were able to tag 12 of them after ahonest try. We then decided to switch back into tuna mode to end the trip. With a hour of daylight left we got our first bite of our last stop we managed to land 7 tuna before calling it a great trip.

A big thanks to Pete Gray from Let’s Talk Hook Up for the giveaways and great personality he brought to the boat. Weather has been absolutely gorgeous the entire trip. Jake and Chris put out some amazing dishes in the galley. A very successful trip from start to finish.

We depart Saturday morning with Island Fishing Tackle on a 7-day. We will be checking back in then.

-Shogun Crew


Steady Bite All Day

Hey folks, another great day of fishing here at the island. It took a little longer to find some fish to stop on this morning but when did they didn’t let us down. We had an initial drift for 19. It started out hot and heavy but backed off kinda quick. They hung under the boat and boiled but wouldn’t eat the hook baits. We opted to put the anchor down and just after coming tight we started to hang fish. Expect for a hour or so, we kept at least 1 tuna going until a hour before dark. Fortunately during that tunaless hour we landed 18 yellowtail 25-35#. We tagged 61 tuna, most of which were 75-95+ pounds, and 19 yellows for our efforts today. We are going to give it another go tomorrow so wish us luck

Shogun Crew


0/25 excellent tuna fishing on day2 of Lets Talk Hook Up 6day
Hey folks, checking in from the island with excellent tuna fishing today. We pulled the anchor shortly after daylight and were able to sonar up a school in short order. It took some time to develop but we were able to keep them around the boat for a 6 hour drift. After we gained there full attention we had 5-10 fish going throughout most of the stop. We faired very well in our hook to land ratio and pulled out of the stop with 58 tuna 60-115#.
After some searching we located good scattered out fish and put the anchor down. We had a steady pick on 80-120+ pound fish until dark. We ended a great day with 82 yellowfin.

1 Spot Open!!! 
**This Saturday 10/29/16 7-day Guadalupe Island Fishing!**
Sponsored by Island Fishing Tackle. Valid Passport is required and a 50% deposit confirms your spot, remaining balance is due on day of departure. Book online or call our office today!!
-Shogun crew


Good evening folks, checking in from our first afternoon of fishing. We arrived around 1430, we were greeted with very good conditions and it didn’t take long to find a good area of scattered fish. They didn’t chew the paint of the boat but we managed to keep 1-4 going all the time. We were able to tag 29 tuna 60-110# before calling it a day. We anchored up in hopes of some yellowtail and bait making for the night. So wish us luck

-Shogun Crew


Hey folks, we departed yesterday on our Lets Talk Hook Up 6day. We made a pit stop and the bait receiver and topped the boat off with a beautiful load of sardines. Check in at Ensenada went very smoothly. We pointed it towards the island and had a very pleasant crossing.


Tough Day
Hey folks-

We literally had no current all day and the wind was up. We caught one tuna/yellowtail here and there at various spots. Tomorrow is a different day and we have hopes that conditions will change. Wish us luck and some current flow! We’ll check in tomorrow.


-Shogun crew



Good job on the nice YFT!


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Scratched out a day 10/17
Hey folks-

We woke up to brisk, windy weather on the anchor. Bait making went easy last night right after dinner. We set up on a pinnacle about 0800 and sat there till sunset keeping something going almost all the time. We ended up with 20 tuna and 35 yellowtail for our efforts. All beautiful grade with a few tuna going over the 100# mark and yellows up to 40#. We are going to try and make more bait tonight and try again tomorrow. Wish us luck!

-Shogun crew


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Starter kit 10/16

Hey folks-

We arrived at the island about 1400. For the fist couple hours we didn’t see much except for small fish. A couple hours before dark we kicked the anchor over on a spread out school and picked at beautiful grade fish. We ended up with 14 fish and had an opportunity to work the kinks out. The breeze picked up a little but weather still isn’t bad. Wish us luck tomorrow.


-Shogun Crew

Doc Ski 8 day 10/15

Hey folks-

We left today on our annual Doc Ski 8 day trip. We received a beautiful load of bait from the receivers and headed to Ensenada to clear customs. On the way we did a seminar and started rigging ourselves up for the island. We should be arriving at the island early afternoon. Weather is good and we have high hopes for tomorrow. Wish us luck!


Guadalupe Island Update!!

We fished the Island for 2 days at the start of the trip heading down to the Rocks. We had 40+ YFT and 10+ YT. We arrived back at the Island this morning and have excellent sign, with 2-4 going. We have 30+ YFT, 60-125# and 12+ quality YT.

We will report again shortly.

Wish us luck

-Shogun Crew


Amazing Day of Fishing!!

We had an absolutely amazing day of fishing today. 100+ Wahoo and 30 quality YT. We are now on our way to Guadalupe Island. Wish us luck and biting fish!!

Fishing the Rocks!!!

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-Shogun Crew


Hey Folks-

If you are booked on any of the upcoming trips that had original departure times listed as 1pm, that has changed. The new departure time for those trips will be 10am. Check-in will begin at 8:00am at Fishermna’s Landing. DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSPORT!! Those are required to be on you and will be checked by Jen at Check-in.

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Roy Kato Memorial 7 day Charter 9/29
Hey folks-

We left today on the Roy Kato memorial charter with charter master Alan Kato. We scooped a beautiful load of sardines at the receivers and headed down to Ensenada. On the way we did a brief safety seminar and told the folks how to rig up for the Lupe. Alan had personalized Shogun jackets made made for everyone on board and has awesome giveaways from Diawa reels. After clearing Ensenada we are on course for the island and we should be there early afternoon.

-Shogun Crew



Good Sign 9/15/2016

Hey folks-

We arrived at the island about 1430 and started looking for signs of life. For the first hour or so we saw no fish at all. Around 1600 a little fish started to show but didn’t react to our baits. We tried a couple different anchor jobs before we found a good area of scattered fish that wanted to bite a little. The last hour of daylight was best and we kept 1-4 going. A little slower start than we would have liked but there is plenty of fish around and we are looking forward to a full day of fishing tomorrow. The weather is beautiful and looks like it is going to hold. Wish us luck we will check in tomorrow.

-Shogun Crew

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Departing 5 day Open to the Island
Hey folks-

We unloaded a nice catch of YFT this morning from a three day trip and quickly readied the boat for our 5 day. We received a beautiful load of sardines from the receivers and headed to Ensenada to clear customs. After the seminar we got all of our gear rigged up and ready to go. Jake and Connor prepared an amazing short rib dinner and we started our journey southwest. We will be at the island around 1430. Wish us luck! We will check in tomorrow.




This is the trip the guy’s have been waiting for, The Rice Bowl Charter 8 day too the Lupe!!
Charter Master Al Myers meets old friends and made new friends at the dock before boarding . Once we were on our way we picked up some beautiful bait and Capt Russ gave us the game plan for our next 8 days.
Check-in to Ensenada went smooth as glass, and we were on our way.
Once at the Lupe it was game on for yellowfin , 60 pound too 100 plus class and the yellowtail in the 30 -50 pound class. The crew did a great job keeping us out of tangles and gaffing those toads.
I want too thank Capt .Russ and the great crew of the Shogun for a great trip.

Thanks to our sponsors: Calstar , Tady, Fisherman’s Supplies, Fisherman’s Processing and Phoenix Rods

Have too thank Kenny and Jake from State Farm for the great meals .

The picture is of Scott Fierro 112# jackpot fish

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Hey folks- checking in this evening from our open 3 day with excellent yellowfin tuna fishing. We departed yesterday at 1pm. Topped off our deck boxes and slammer with beautiful 4-6″ sardines at the bait receiver. Then pointed her towards the tuna grounds.

We drifted most the night with runs around the boat. Unfortunately just before daylight they snuck away. We tried a couple nice schools shortly thereafter for a couple dozen.

Around lunch we found the one we were after. For a couple hours it was hot and heavy in the corner. It eventually slowed down but we were able to drift until dinner keeping 1-5 going at all times. Along with the great action so was the grade, 20-28# with a handful of those 50# fish mixed in. We are going to try it here again in the morning, so wish us luck

Good night,

Shogun Crew

Sunday 09-11-2016, 1:00 PM 

departure of 3 DAY- OPEN and returns Wednesday 09-14-2016 at 7:00 AM


Rallied in the afternoon

Hey folks- Things looked very promising first thing this morning, we started out with some yellowtail at gray.Then found sign of tuna, right after we pulled anchor, and scraped up a few. But after things dried up with found ourselves driving around a majority of the morning looking for signs of life.
Just after lunch we found a breezer to slide into. We threw some bait and they erupted 360 degrees around the boat. Even though you could get them to boil up, pretty much on demand, it took some patience and effort to get a bait out away from the boat entice a bite. We were able to keep 1 going all the time for the early part of the afternoon. The last couple hours of the day they really got with the program and it was pretty darn good fishing. We even captured a wahoo. The guys fished hard and put time in at the rail and were rewarded for their efforts with a beautiful grade of yellowfin going from 60-125 pounds. Good night and wish luck us luck tomorrow.
Shogun Crew


Steady action to start the trip
Hey folks- checking in from day 2 of our Rice Bowl 8 day. We had a decent crossing, our speed was a little slower than on average but we made it in plenty time to get some good action in. We had a brief overview of what to expect and how to rig. Followed with another raffle/ giveaway from the charter master Al.
We arrived to the island at 1545 and it didn’t take long to find some fish and get established. We were able to keep 1-5 fish going until dark. We suffered some casualties but we seemed to have knocked the rust off and ironed the kinks out. Towards the end of the day our hook to land ratio increased significantly and we were able to capture 28 beautiful yft ranging from 50-75 pounds. We are anchored up in hopes of yellowtail action for tonight! Wish us luck and we’ll checkback in tomorrow.

– Shogun crew

8 Day Rice Bowl Charters left Saturday 09-03-2016 11:00 AM due to return Sunday 09-11-2016 , 9:00 AM

3 Day RYAN HERZOG CHARTER left at 11:00am on 8-31-2016 and is due to return Saturday 09-03-2016 at 7:00 AM.

On Sunday, 08-28-2016, 11:00 am ,Shogun departed for an Open 3-day  trip set to return on 8-31 around 7:00am

08-28-2016 Shogun 6:30 AM expected back tomorrow morning.

Sal Catania 5 day 8/23

Hey folks-

We left today on our annual Sal Catania 5 day charter. Sal and his 15 passengers decided to go to Guadalupe for there trip. We got a beautiful load of bait at the receivers and on the way down to Ensenada to clear customs we did a seminar on rigging up. We spent the rest of the day enjoying the beautiful weather and getting our gear straightened out. We should be at the island early afternoon. Wish us luck and biting fish when we get there.

-Shogun Crew

8/16 good scratching

Hey folks-

We made a little bait last night and come daylight the anchor came up and we took a look around. Didn’t take long to find some fish and we started to pick right away. The yft were 59-90# and biting the 60 & 80# Blackwater Flurocarbon well. Around lunch we had a slow period so we moved and set up in yesterday’s hot zone. This paid off and we had starch action till dark. Another great day at the island.

Wow! 8/17

Hey folks-

What a phenomenal day aboard the Shogun. We made a little more mackerel last night then moved the boat one-half mile after day daylight then kicked it back over on some scattered fish. We continued to keep 1-6 going all day till the evening when it broke pretty much wide open. There was definitely more 90-125# fish mixed in today. We caught fish on jigs and poppers as well. All in flat calm weather and sunny sky’s. Truly a day to remember. Tomorrow is our last day in which we are going to spend some time yellowtail fishing. Wish us luck we will check in tomorrow.


-Shogun Crew